Community created NFTs brought to life.

What is 3DAbles?

3DAbles is a VeChain dApp for creating artwork with owned NFTs or own images, bringing them to life beyond your wallet.

  • Launch targeted NFT advertising campaigns.
  • Host community rewards and giveaways.
  • Customize mobile devices with NFT artwork.
  • Drive massive social media marketing campaigns.
  • Engage with NFTs through interactive gaming and scenes.

Why 3DAbles?

Unlock the full potential of your NFT experience with our versatile platform. From targeted advertising campaigns that elevate your digital assets' visibility to exclusive community rewards fostering loyalty, we offer a suite of powerful features. Personalize your mobile device with stunning digital art using our AI tools, and amplify your NFT's presence across social platforms with our dynamic social marketing tools. Explore the possibilities and take your NFT collections to new heights.


Advertising Campaigns

Utilize our platform to create and manage targeted advertising campaigns for your NFT collections. This enhances your digital assets' visibility, reaching a wider audience.


Community Rewards

Encourage community engagement with exclusive NFT rewards and giveaways. This fosters loyalty and excitement, maintaining a vibrant user base.


Mobile Artwork

Use our AI tools to transform your favorite NFTs into stunning phone backgrounds and themes, personalizing your mobile device with high-res digital art.


Social Marketing

Enhance your NFT's visibility with our platform's social media campaign tools. Create engaging content to attract potential buyers and investors across various social platforms.