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3DAbles is a dApp that interacts with the blockchain by allowing access via token ownership. A user with access can create new NFTs on the blockchain from a variety of scenes developed by contributing artists.

The sky is the limit. You can blast social media with an ad campaign to support your favorite project. Resale your NFT at the cost of a phygital you've designed and your audience can purchase your NFT to receive that phygital. Maybe you're just an art collector and want to create cool stuff in the blockchain.

The more 3DAbles created, the more $VSEA token burned. The more $VSEA burned, the higher up Smuzzies moves in the top burn list each month. The community dictates whether or not passive income is generated, not the project owner.

Scenes are created by the artist. We intend to have community featured pieces as well. Community votes will take place on discord and can help shape the direction of the art. Some projects who hold 20 Smuzzies in their community wallet (COW) will have their own scenes.

Each scene will have some level of information to help make deciding what options look best. Carefully read all text provided on each scene choice. Additionally, the entire 3DAbles collection is available on https://vesea.io/community/3dables for you to browse through. We recommend doing that before building any of your own.

Ask the community in Discord. Smuzzies has a great bunch of folks and someone will be able to direct you accordingly. Our development team is always ready to fix and correct any problems that might arise. Don't be afraid to ask!